You can now pay your Select Equine invoices online through PayPal.

Enter required information below, then after clicking the “Pay Now” button you will be transferred to the PayPal screen. Enter the total amount you would like to pay in the “Item price:” section and then hit the “Update” button. Then, log in to PayPal on the right side of the screen and follow the prompts.

Please include your full name as well as a phone number and email, or we may be unable to correctly process your transaction.

If you are paying specific invoices, please enter each invoice number separated by commas below. If you do not include invoices, the payment will be applied to your oldest invoices first.

You may include additional comments, but if you have any special requests related to your payment, please contact Kiley by phone 818-352-5780 or email

Full Name
Phone Number
Invoice Numbers